What is SlackLab

SlackLab - collective slackline expertise

SlackLab, powered by Landcruising, is the knowledge source for slackline related topics in the web. SlackLab conducts research on current questions and issues of the slackline sport with the help of scientific methodology, an interdisciplinary team of authors and new generation slackline equipment.

Aeon Revolve Testrig im Juni 2010
The long experience of the authors regarding tensioning systems, materials research and product development allows them to analyze questions with in-depth expertise. The basis of SlackLab are recent findings from laboratory tests and long field experience. We test, compare and break equipment to identify vulnerabilities and to optimize slackline systems accordingly.

We dedicate ourselves in carefully prepared and researched articles of material science, structure optimization and load of slackline setups. We give recommandations on environmental and ethical issues and explain basic physical and mental training techniques. Our aim is to make the sport of slackline more safe and successful. We want to raise the awareness of hidden dangers too. Our experience of working in the field of courses and expert trainings allows us to present this knowledge in an understandable manner.

We want to help to make the sport of slackline safely and sustainable in long-term with the help of an international network of authors from various disciplines and associations. Our fule and motivation are the love of the sport and the thirst for knowledge. SlackLab was created and launched by Stefan Junghannß, Sebastian Flügge and Damian Jörren in summer 2012. We are actively supported in our work by renowned slackliners.